Devine Line Tattoo in Warrentown, Virginia

Published on June 1, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

There must be something sort of divine about Mike “the Tattoo Man Miller”, owner of Devine Line Tattoo in Warrentown, Virginia.


Mike’s favorite book is The Bible, he attracts all types of clients that often consider him one of the most talented artists in the industry, and the best part of his day is making complete strangers happy.


While Mike may appear rough and mean on the outside he says people are always shocked when they realize he’s just a nice guy who was popular in high school.

As he works away on a Jimi Hendrix tattoo, Mike hopes that one day he’ll be remembered as helpful. (And with that he gives his best advice to avoid name tattoos and marrying a crazy woman.)


If he wasn’t a tattoo artist, Mike would be a painter. If he only had one word to describe himself, Mike quickly says he’s “Misunderstood.” Miller was only fourteen years old when he knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist, and his many moods keep his art changing.


Mike is a seasoned artist dating back to 1983. His Warrenton, Virginia, Devine Line Tattoo shop is frequently involved in charity work with bikers that fight child abuse. The “tattoo man’s” love for children trickles down to his seven grandchildren. He’s a family guy at heart who loves to kayak, motorcycle, fish, or hang with his Rottweiler dogs.

 Mike is an old school tattoo artist that wants customers to have realistic expectations.


“Reality TV makes people think they can come in and get a tattoo design drawn in fifteen minutes.” He remembers a time when artists didn’t wear gloves, made their own machines, and he had to hitchhike up to a buddy’s tattoo shop where he would pick his brain just to learn the craft.


Seeing the industry change from flash designs to the primary custom services he offers now, Mike explains the tattoo industry goes in waves. From feather tattoos to flower tattoos, the same designs just recirculate.


A happy go lucky man who survived a crazy wife and the constant change of his career, Mike knows at the end of the day he has much to be fortunate for. He can use his talent to change the world in some way and help an individual cope with their problems.


It’s no wonder Devine Line Tattoo is such a popular Warrenton, Virginia tattoo shop. From his old school stories, biker vibe, and tell it like it is demeanor; Mike’s remained steadfast in both his faith and career.


After a long day hanging out with his friends and locking up the tattoo shop doors, he’s going home to eat dinner. I asked Mike who he’d like to join him… his answer?  “God.”

Divine indeed.


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