Designing the Perfect Canvas

Published on April 21, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Do you have artist designed tattoos? Not just slightly “tweaked” variations of a design idea or flash piece, but a truly unique custom piece of body art?


There are many benefits to having your own custom design tattoo. First it will be significant and sentimental. You’ll be the only one wearing your tattoo.


Second, it will have artistic vision behind it. It’s easy to believe you can design your own tattoo, but unless you have an art background, there is so much more to creating a remarkable piece, including shading, composition and even the consideration of negative space.


So whether you decide on a popular dream catcher tattoo, or wear  a fabulous  set of Russian nesting dolls, or even a China-inspired collection of teacups, a custom designed tattoo will not only be a one of a kind artistic piece, it will fit your body and your style perfectly.


When you work with your tattoo artist, make sure they consider your body type and your tattoo placement in addition to your unique custom design. Your artist should see your body as a whole canvas, even if they are applying just one tattoo.


When, and if, you decide on expanding your body art collection, every tattoo will flow into one another if your artist has considered both your body’s natural curves and the size of the first piece.


Many tattoo artists suggest going large with your first tattoo. It’s often better to have just one big tattoo rather than several small “sticker style” collections. Plus the larger you go with your tattoo designs, the more intricacy and details they can have.


When you’re planning your next tattoo whether it’s your first or one of many, take the time to discover the right custom tattoo artist, and then consider proper placement.


These details can help you create a design that is flattering and much more a work of art, than just a “tattoo.” Because everyone has one of those, right?


Images courtesy NaomiV and Nachan123


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