Denver Electronica Artist, Meanr Mynr, Releases New EP, ‘The Compound’

Published on May 19, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

If you’re a fan multifaceted and dynamic artists such as Pretty Lights, GRiZ and Big Gigantic, then Meanr Mynr’s touch of musical transcendence is the latest musical elixir that you need in your life. Electrifying our senses over the first track release from ‘The Compound’ entitled, “Soul Out”, Meanr incorporates a variety of technical elements and instruments to lace together a dose of flair insinuating a summer full of flashing lights, groovy tunes and getting down on the dance floor at a festival near you. Adding a touch of spirituality into the title of the track, Meanr travels onto what he perceives to be Planet Mars by blending a minimal yet potent vocal message over an unorthodox bouquet of musical bliss. As you will hear over the preview of the EP, Blasé incorporates a Rock ‘N’ Roll feel with grace and the guitar solo that is placed within the track with precision throws listeners off course in the most welcoming manner.


Meanr is a unique soul with a profound journey that had him dabbling into creating music within a variety of genres at the ripe age of 18-years-old. Coming to find within himself that his true niche is aligned with the Electronic world, Meanr is a predominantly self-taught artist who took the proper steps toward becoming the artist and musician that he has grown into today. Whether it is the beatific landscape that Meanr is currently amongst as a Denver-based human being, or simply the contents of his ingenious mind, Meanr takes creativity to another level over ‘The Compound’. Rumor has it that Meanr’s live show is just as eclectic as his otherworldly musical flow, therefore, you can certainly expect to catch Meanr on stage amongst the likes of the current Electronic greats over the years to come. Emitting nothing short of good vibes and positive energy, ‘The Compound’ is calling your name.




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