Dark Woods Tattoo Studio in Newark, Ohio

Published on March 21, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Offering Black and Grey tattoos alongside Traditional gypsies and flash, Dark Woods Tattoo Studio, located in Newark, Ohio takes pride in being a clean and skilled tattoo shop.


No matter your favored tattoo style, any one of the four talented tattoo artists at Dark Woods Tattoo Studio will happily manage your design requests.


Michael, aka Zombie, is the Newark, Ohio tattoo shop owner, and he specializes in everything from Black and Grey to comic and horror tattoos.


Zombie's three other tattoo artists all have their own niche. Artist Brian Smith has a passion for Old School tattoos, while Reptar works his hand in “New Skool” and Neo-Traditional tattoo designs. And then there is Jonny-Macc, and Jonny is an all-around skilled artist with an interest and talent in all different sorts of tattooing styles and genres. (That’s just how Jonny’s roll.)


While their impressive combined talents and skill make this tattoo shop a stellar choice, it’s truly their studio cleanliness that sets them apart. ”The Health Department said we’re the nicest shop they’ve ever seen,” explains owner Zombie, "And I'm not really sure that's been said before to anyone here. There  are five other studios in our area, and to me this was quite a compliment and it's something I'm really proud to share."


 How does Zombie stay  ahead of sanitation regulations? “We test our autoclave weekly while some shops don’t test it at all. We also go several steps above in the sterilization process.” Formerly a home health care aide for the handicapped, Zombie takes serious pride in the cleanliness and safety of his tattoo shop. "I think the whole process needs to be stricter."


“After running tubes through the ultrasonic, tattoo artists hand scrub them in an antimicrobial soap, and then run the ultrasonic again before placing the tubes in an autoclave.”


“Anyone wanting to become a tattoo artist needs to apprentice under someone first, just to learn the basics, especially the risks of cross-contamination,” urges Zombie. “And never stop learning or think you’re good enough, because there is always someone willing to step up.  So stay humble.”


From black and grey demons, to skulls and eagles and even Infinity tattoos, Dark Woods Tattoo Studio takes walk-in and scheduled appointments based on individual tattoo artist availability.


Be sure to follow Dark Woods Tattoo Shop, and if you’ve been to the studio…don’t leave us in the dark. Why not visit their member profile and post a public review?  We love shops that focus on cleanliness, as should you. Three cheers.


Images courtesy Dark Woods Tattoo Studio in Newark, Ohio


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