Dallas Drum and Bass Artist RUN DMT Releases New Album ‘Revolutionare’

Published on August 15, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Having performed on some of the most prestigious festival stages around the world such as Coachella, Wakarusa and EDC Chicago, Dallas Artist, RUN DMT, is back and ready to soar with his latest release, ‘Revolutionare’. Kicking off with “The Fall of Latimer City”, RUN DMT douses listeners into an instant state of euphoria over an enthralling opening that awakens the promise of hypnotizing material to come. The second track, “Voodou”, features a variety of artists and lyrically pushes the boundaries of the physical and jolts listeners into a state of introspection stemming from the pensive mood that is displayed with ease. “Gamma Ray” is the third track that carries a cunning title that penetrates the minds of listeners into a realm tied to the smallest wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum and an energy that is full of explosive light.


The fourth track, “Revolutionare”, builds in volume and anticipation while maintaining a vibrant dance beat and futuristic bass that’ll remain punctured into the brain. “Tesseract” is the fifth track which begins with a mysterious and echoing arrangement that has a jazzy undercurrent and wompy distortion that drum and bass lovers will ecstatically eat up. The seventh track, “Analogue Noir’”, is a dream for listeners that crave the jazzy blues laced into rich psychedelic elements that dizzy listeners into a realm of cloud like thought. “L.D.A” is the ninth track which features Subtronics and combines a radio-friendly feel with the madness of a trip down into the rabbit hole. Closing out the album with “Jellyfish (Aidens Song)”, RUN DMT creates a musical masterpiece that ingeniously conveys through sound what an experience of living life underwater would comprise of.


If you’re a fan of artists such as GRiZ, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights and The Glitch Mob, then RUN DMT is the man to fill your gap and provide you with a dose of impeccable musical experimentation.



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