Custom Tattoo versus Tattoo Flash

Published on April 7, 2014 by Naomi V

So you're itching to get a tattoo, and choosing an existing flash tattoo would be the easiest and fastest route. But, is tattoo flash the best choice? The artwork was not created for anyone in particular and chances are, other people have chosen the same exact image and have it inked on them right now. If you're fine with that, then more power to you! Get your tattoo done. If you'd like your tattoo to be more personal and have more meaning, consider getting a tattoo custom created especially and only for YOU.


Sure getting a custom tattoo design is time consuming and more expensive than tattoo flash, but a tattoo is a permanent piece of artwork on your skin. Isn't it worth the extra time and money to make sure it's the best possible piece for you? It's an investment for yourself now and your future. A tattoo is an expression of oneself that we are able to  manifest on skin. Shouldn't it truly be YOU and no one else? When you tell your tattoo stories, it's much more interesting to talk about getting custom artwork from a talented illustrator or designer who listened to your wants and needs, and the reason and meaning of your tattoo, and collaborated with you to create something that cannot be duplicated - a TRUE one of a kind.


Of course lots of tattoo flash is beautiful and well done. Sometimes it's cool to get an original traditional tattoo flash design from another time, kind of like buying a vintage piece. Perhaps you can find one that expresses what it is you want. But when you can order something custom made, why not do it? Are you looking for the perfect artist to create your next tattoo? Do you want a custom design? You can post a request to get your own custom tattoo design done NOW. But first, tell us what YOU think. Custom Tattoo or Tattoo Flash? Comment with your opinions below!


Image credit: Mania Ink


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