Custom Design a Tattoo for Dad

Published on June 10, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Isn’t it about time you showed Dad a little love?


He raised you right, provided for you, scared the monsters off from under your bed, and was probably the first person to get tattooed in the family. But that was over twenty years ago.

Since then he’s been going to work, spoiling his grandchildren, and still providing for his family.


I think Dad deserves a custom designed tattoo for Father’s Day…


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th, 2014 and you still have time to give Dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift.


Why not work with any of our tattoo designers right here on and present to Dad a tattoo that’s just perfect for him? He can take the unique design to the nearest studio or his trusty artist, or he can frame it as a collectible piece of art that’s certain to spark some conversation in his garage or  man cave.



How do you get started? Go to Custom Design Request and submit details to start working on a tattoo design. You can bring your own ideas to the table, or let the designers get creative once they’ve learned a few basic facts about Dad. Where did he grow up? Did he serve in the military? What is his profession? Does he like sports or fishing? What’s most important to your father?


Whether it’s an Old School ship tattoo, a Pin-Up girl, a heart and a dagger or a family crest, there are endless ideas that are perfect for Dad.


Twenty plus years ago the tattooing industry was just so different. Men and women selected popular flash designs without much personal significance. Your dad likely wears a tattoo of that time period. Because men tend to put their families first, he’s likely never covered up, removed, or even planned a new piece of body art. Although he certainly deserves it.


Get started today and begin planning something extra special for Dad. You can set a budget, contribute basic information about him, and then present a tattoo that will become meaningful to both of you. Better yet, why not ink the same design and share the tattoo love?


There’s no reason to search the studios last minute to find an available artist who can work with your request. We have tattoo artists located from all over the world right here. They are ready to design the perfect Father’s Day gift.


Images courtesy Nachan123 and Jeff Norton Tattoo


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