Cover Up Tattoos: Second Time Around

Published on June 22, 2015 by Naomi V

Cover up tattoos are a good option for tattoos that may not hold up the way they used to. No need to be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us! For some, laser tattoo removal is a good option. For others a great cover up could be a better option. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to be able to come up with an effective way to cover up an old tattoo. The design must work with the existing tattoo, to either incorporate parts of it into a new design, or to have dark enough areas in the new design to completely cover it up. Do you have an old tattoo that you regret or that you're embarrassed by?  Looking for ideas for a cover up tattoo? Check out these cover up tattoo ideas:

This cover up tattoo takes a small design and incorporates it into a new, henna inspired, larger tattoo.

This cover up tattoo is covering up a small, faded, religious tattoo with a larger, Day of the Dead inspired, sugar skull tattoo.

This little fairy probably was a fun idea years ago, but she looks sad and faded now. The new, colorful sugar skull tattoo covers her up nicely and brings new life to the skin!

An old aggressive skull is covered up by a realistic, dramatic skull with pink flowers.

A smaller tattoo of, well, it's not quite clear what it was supposed to be, is covered up by a floral tattoo inspired by Art Nouveau.

This small "Made in Sweden" tattoo is now incorporated into a much bigger, new school anchor design.

A small Mickey Mouse tattoo that was probably very cute at first, is now covered up by beautiful orange flowers.

A small heart and music note tattoo has been covered up by a vibrant lotus tattoo.

What to do when you have an ex lover's name tattooed on you? Cover it up with an epic angel tattoo!

Got tiny little tattoos that don't go well together? Cover it up with an epic skull and flower tattoo!


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