Cool Tattoos: What Makes Your Tattoos So Cool?

Published on April 6, 2014 by Naomi V

Hey that's a cool tattoo! You probably hear it all the time from tattooed and non tattooed people. Sure, a tattoo is something to take some pride in. After the pain endurance as well as the financial investment of permanent art, you deserve to get complimented. But, what makes a tattoo "cool?" There are a lot of factors that help make a tattoo cool, and not a tattoo FAIL. We've seen plenty of those! Let's investigate further:



There are many different styles to choose from when deciding what tattoo you want. Maybe you want an old school or traditional tattoo design that has that classic "sailor" tattoo look. Classic pinup, or anchor, or swallows or perhaps a more modern subject in the old school style could look really cool as a tattoo. These traditional tattoos are great for young and old alike, and are experiencing a resurgance among the younger tattoo crowd. Perhaps you prefer black and gray tattoos and want a realistic tattoo or a portrait. Perhaps a tribal is the best choice to represent strength and perserverance. Or maybe you march to the beat of your own drum and a new school tattoo would be perfect for you. New school has less limits on subject matter, colors and even the style itself. It can be really surprising and animated! Whatever the style of tattoo you decide on, make sure that it represents who you are and that the artist creating the artwork is an expert in that style.



Placement can really be just as important as the artwork itself. If you get a really great tattoo but it's too small or too large or just doesn't fit the body part, it can look terrible. For example, say you have a really cute tattoo that is small. If that tattoo is in the middle of your back, it will look ridiculous! The opposite can happen and you can get a really detailed and complicated large tattoo on a small part of the body like the neck or the wrist and it overwhelms you. Be sure to choose a spot that will do the tattoo justice! If you want a tattoo on your ankle or wrist, make it a small one. If you want a full back tattoo, get a large detailed design from someone who can create epic artwork! 



When you get a tattoo, of course you'll want something unique that no one else has, otherwise, what's the point? Most people don't want just some flash off the wall that fifty other people may already have. In order to make sure that the tattoo is completely original, it's wise to find an artist who can create EXACTLY what you want. Don't know any artists that you feel confident in creating your artwork? Check out our tattoo designers from all over the world! You can even post a custom tattoo design request to get it started right away!



This is by far the most important factor and is usually the very thing that compels us to get a tattoo in the first place. Yes, even the "I'm legal! Let's go to the tattoo shop" is a meaning. It's a milestone in one's life. Your meaning might be something extremely personal like memorializing the death of a loved one. Or perhaps it's to celebrate the birth of a child. Accomplishments like finishing school or getting a great job, or learning a new skill are all great reasons for cool tattoos. Whatever the reason for getting your tattoo, make sure it has meaning to you. 


Image credit: A Plus Studio and Cecil Porter


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