A Conversation With Drummer Marshal Giumenti - My Ticket Home

Published on October 11, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Ohio Metal band, My Ticket Home, have crafted honest and emotional music that has touched the lives of fans worldwide over four Album/EP releases that are timeless listens that never grow old. On the brink of the release of one of their most versatile records, ‘unReal’, My Ticket Home proves that they are a band who has evolved with music that clearly shows that the three-year wait was totally worth it. I caught up with drummer Marshal Giumenti, to discuss bringing ‘unReal’ to life and being more appreciative of home after traveling the world, dreams of drinks with Muddy Waters, tattoos, and more.


You guys recently released your third studio album, ‘unReal’. Tell us the backstory behind the title and what you intended to create throughout the album.


We had a lot more time on our hands making this record, so we went through a growing stage as a band while writing it. We wanted to make an album that was more dynamic instead of every song at a ten the entire time. Something you could put on no matter what mood you're in. As far as the name goes, there isn’t much of a backstory the name just stuck and we all really dug it.


What was the greatest challenge that you guys overcome as a band throughout creating ‘unReal’?


When we first started writing music for our next release back in 2014 we didn’t know if we wanted to put this album out on the label we were on at that time, put it out ourselves, or even find a new home for the band and release it with them. So I feel the toughest thing with this album at first was more the logistical side of things, the writing came pretty naturally.


Tell us about your songwriting process. Is there one member of the band who tackles this or is it a group effort?


It's a group effort with us for sure. Someone will usually come in with a riff or a song idea and we will just start jamming in our rehearsal space where we can record it live while we play. From there, we will listen back and usually make tweaks on it and go from there.


Any upcoming tour or festival appearance plans that you can fill us in about?


We are currently on a full U.S tour with Nothing More, Hell or High Water, and Palisades and so far it's been great! There are plenty of shows left so check it out and see if we come to a town near you.


What fellow Spinefarm Records artists are you really diggin’ at the moment and why?


I like what the Hell or High Water. The guys have got it going on, good, straight-up rock.


Let’s talk tattoos. What is the most memorable tattoo you’ve created and what does it personally mean to you.


I actually don’t have too many tattoos but the water dragon on my left leg which I’m into a lot because I used to draw them all the time as a kid and it brings me back to those times and memories.


As you have traveled extensively on tour, has your perception of home changed ever since you have seen different ways that people live and think around the world?


Oh yeah for sure, it's interesting seeing different parts of the country/world and how they live. Some are very similar and some are pretty different. It made me appreciate where I come from more. Sure there are other places that would be great to live don’t get me wrong, but I’m proud to be where I’m from.


What would you like your fans to know about you that they more than likely already don’t know?


I’m a big sports fan in general and I love old muscle cars, like 1964-1972; that's my sh*t.


If you had the opportunity to grab a drink with any fellow musician either dead or alive, who would you choose and why?


Lynn Strait from a band called Snot, that would be sick. Or someone like Muddy Waters I think that would be an interesting chat, ya know?


Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?


‘unReal’ dropped on October 6th! Buy a copy and jam the hell out of it! Thanks so much to anyone who’s supported this band we appreciate you more than you know!


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