Common Tattoo Meanings

Published on June 7, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

While some people wear body art that bears no personal significance others wouldn’t dare wear a design that lacked considerable and thoughtful context. Part of what makes body art so individual is the many different tattoo meanings. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons people get inked.


Love: Love trumps everything. It’s pleasure. It can be pain. Love of art, and for art, keeps the tattooing industry alive. It’s no coincidence that heart tattoos, name tattoos, wedding date and wedding band tattoos are some of the most common heartfelt designs. When it comes to tattoo meanings love is a universal language that is often rightfully linked.


Memorial: To offer peace and remembrance to a loved one, fallen soldier, or even a beloved pet, a tattoo meaning honor is often designed in a memorial tribute tattoo. Timeless and special to those that wear them, memorial tattoos can help keep the memory of your loved ones near and dear.


Courage: To help instill courage and bravery many people opt for strong symbolic tattoos such as dragons and Koi fish. You can even wear a quote about courage or believing in oneself. These tattoo meanings hold great significance to people who have overcome many obstacles in life or even with their health.


Hope and Change: Butterflies, dragonflies and even stars are often tattooed as a symbol for both hope and change. Whether you’re going through a difficult time or growing as a person spiritually or emotionally, when great change comes, many people choose to get tattooed.


Faith: Religious cross tattoos are one of the most frequently requested tattoo designs within the Christian faith whereas people who believe in other Gods or spiritual beings often ink symbols of their own significance. No matter the religion, faith tattoos celebrate a belief in a higher entity.


Tattoo meanings vary just as much as the design. You can even wear a design that means nothing, although the most appreciated and less regretted tattoos generally have a story behind them or a root of encouragement or remembrance.


If you’re stuck on designing a tattoo with meaning take a personal inventory on what and who is important to you and then try and associate it with a symbol, flower, quote, or animal. The brainstorming process for a tattoo meaning can take some time, but rest assured it will be time  well spent as you’ll be wearing your tattoo for a lifetime.


Images courtesy Anthony Dub and Yer Cheatn Heart


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