City Ordinances Vs. Tattoo Shops

According to LakewoodPatch, about seven years ago the City of Lakewood, OH passed an ordinance banning Tattoo Shops within city limits driving Lakewood residents to look for work beyond Lakewood.


Shawn Nutting, a Lakewood resident and tattoo artist in Elyria, spoke up at a recent city council meeting to encourage council members to take a second look at the law. The ordinance on the city books made a massive roadblock requiring any would be Lakewood tattoo shop have a medical doctor on staff at all times, yikes!


Some city officials say that the law isn’t likely to change, but Nutting is staying positive saying that ”the law was made before there were any Health Department Regulations.”


“If you don’t know anything about tattooing, you might think it’s a health issue. I understand why it was (included in the regulation). It’s completely understandable, but I think this this could be a benefit to the city.”


What do you think about overly strict regulations?