City Ordinances Vs. Tattoo Shops

Published on February 1, 2013 by Gregory

According to LakewoodPatch, about seven years ago the City of Lakewood, OH passed an ordinance banning Tattoo Shops within city limits driving Lakewood residents to look for work beyond Lakewood.


Shawn Nutting, a Lakewood resident and tattoo artist in Elyria, spoke up at a recent city council meeting to encourage council members to take a second look at the law. The ordinance on the city books made a massive roadblock requiring any would be Lakewood tattoo shop have a medical doctor on staff at all times, yikes!


Some city officials say that the law isn’t likely to change, but Nutting is staying positive saying that ”the law was made before there were any Health Department Regulations.”


“If you don’t know anything about tattooing, you might think it’s a health issue. I understand why it was (included in the regulation). It’s completely understandable, but I think this this could be a benefit to the city.”


What do you think about overly strict regulations?



Debi Samuels's picture

The same as why many other towns still outlaw tattooing : an out dated thinking that will soon enough die out as the younger and more accepting generation move in. It's just a matter of time.

Sadly equally bad are the towns/states with NO regulation or poor regulation. In some ways these are no better since they do nothing to protect the public and potential clients.

Bob Ellison's picture

We have the same issue here in Gretna Louisiana, but the city took it a step further....they made it illegal to even posses anything tattoo related in the city owner of Ink Obsession Tattoo Studio in nearby New Orleans, I have been fined several times because of my company is wrapped in our logo and it is used to go pick up supplies for the shop......i am in a major legal battle with the city.

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