Cincinnati Alt-Rock Group, New Sincerity Works, Release New Album, ‘Wonder Lust’

Published on October 19, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Cincinnati Alternative Rock group, New Sincerity Works, have created an atmospheric and tasteful musical work of art throughout their latest release, ‘Wonder Lust’. Capturing listeners within a hypnotic introduction, “I’ve Got You” is the first track which emits the feel of a playful exploration into the lyrical acknowledgment of having a beloved partner in crime by your side while traversing through this maze that we call life.


The second track, “Just Like Vapor”, jolts into a lyrical mix of insecurity and doubt as instrumental prowess that mimics of the likes of Jet back in their ‘Get Born’ days adds a dazzling hyper-speed element that adds depth to the overall vibe.


“Love to Love the Love” is the third track which begins with a light-hearted Pop/Rock element and takes listeners through a laid-back lyrical perspective highlighting the importance of the strange yet undeniable intoxicatingly euphoric phenomenon that is love.


The fourth track, “Midwest Reverie”, lyrically highlights the wide open space throughout the Midwest that shapes our personality amongst lush trees, bright blue skies and undulating hills that are often overlooked until you travel outward and come back with the acknowledgment of the Midwest’s sweet richness.


“Without Us” is the fifth track which begins with a soulfully fluid instrumental thrust into a lyrical spill pertaining to the dirt and grime that a partnership has encountered to create their own healing potion that leads to harmonic motion.


The sixth track, “Find a Way Home”, begins with a long and sensual instrumental touch that hypnotically blends into a simple lyrical declaration of asking a lover to keep their connection in mind while the members of New Sincerity Works hit the road and follow their dreams.


“The Company We Keep” is the seventh track which kicks off with a slow and steady acoustic guitar that leads to a lyrical reminder of being aware of the energy that you keep and the environments that you place yourself within as temptation waxes and wanes throughout a variety of life experiences.


The eighth and title track, ‘Wonder Lust’, lyrically dabbles into leading a life with the curiosity of a child as we all attempt to make the negative ego porous while we wander through human existence.


“To Be Kissed Like That” is the ninth track which slows it down into a romantic lyrical pour of love that speaks of feeling the warmness of being suspended in time while feeling the soul coruscating through another individual's gleaming eyes.


Closing out with “Hearts Transplanted”, New Sincerity Works tune into their highest selves and lyrically conclude to awaken their capacity to explore and celebrate the complexities of love within human relationships of all shapes and forms.

If you’re a fan of artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, MUTEMATH and Bloc Party, then New Sincerity Works is a band that is sure to make a ripple and recommended to keep an eye out for over the years to come.


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