Published on February 17, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
Music unites us by telling us a story that can be eating at the insides of the musician's core that leaves fans and listeners begging for more. It’s a treat to discover music that is extremely moving while speaking humanity to your bones. Finding her way through stumbling through her journey and taking each step as a lesson learned, Christina Rubino is floating on her own wave and sure isn’t afraid to lay bare the feelings deep within her chest.
The Brooklyn tattooed Goddess draped in style and soul has whipped up an emotive track, “Down To The Sea”, which infuses elements of intimacy and pain with a classic touch stemming from her soothing voice that is compassionate and expressive. Eroding her hardness, softening her rough edges and observing the evaporation of her inner dissonance along the way, Christina Rubino is an example of a soulful and toned down 90’s grunge female artist that creates best when moved emotionally. Evoking a humble purity of heart as she belts akin to the soothing sounds of a meditative symphony, Christina truly shines throughout “Down To The Sea”.
The burgeoning artist takes listeners down to the core essence of her soul as she serenades listeners over the piano and laces thought-provoking clips of inner emptiness throughout the video that touches upon themes of love and tragedy without masking her agony and hurt. Combining old-school charm and beauty with Christina’s powerful voice performance and whimsical style, “Down To The Sea” is a cleverly crafted song and video that captures the gift that is rare enough to set Christina apart….pure authenticity. 
Christina cleverly dropped her full-length album Godspeed and Guns on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017. Turn up the volume of your heart and keep Christina Rubino on your radar.



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