Charlotte Artist Phil Lomac Releases New EP ‘Northern Cities Southern Stars’

Published on September 25, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Hypnotic vocals with southern charm and an idiosyncratic dose of mystery come in abundance throughout the latest release, ‘Northern Cities Southern Stars’, by Charlotte artist, Phil Lomac. Kicking off with the first track, “Northern Lights”, Phil’s vocals carry over a polished effort that forges forward with a lyrical grace that is unguarded and leaves the heart laid bare.


“World of Pain” is the second track that is perfect for a long ride with the top down on Highway 138 as the instrumental element mimics the style of tracks from ‘Cease to Begin’ by Band of Horses and Phil lyrically contemplates the choice another individual subconsciously makes of being trapped in a mind abounding with cynicism. The third track, “Read the Message”, is a lyrically reflective pour of intimacy and pain that is in the midst of being processed as Phil embraces all of the ruminative highs and lows that come with the search for clarity.


“Don’t Know What Love Is” is the fourth track that demonstrates the versatility which Phil approaches the curation process as he forges a harmonious soundscape from raw emotion and indecision. The fifth track, “No More Troubles”, is a bold expression of prevailing through a mindset of bitterness and distrust that carries a lyrical introspective perspective and takes determined effort toward finding the psychological tools within to connect with another.

“Talking to Myself” is the sixth track which takes Phil back down the road of confusion and brings to view that the EP carries the message and intent to highlight the reality of living with emotions flying in every direction.

Closing out with “Don’t Give Me Those Lines”, Phil ends with dishin’ out a dose of confidence within as he puts his foot down on his current solid ground and makes sure that he is getting everything that he desires within his half of an important interpersonal relation.

It is apparent that Phil Lomac has innate musical talent that has been developed over time and treated with care. If you’re a fan of musicians such as Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper, then take into account that ‘Northern Cities Southern Stars’ by Phil Lomac is a batch of tracks that are rich in soul and pure country elements tied fluidly into Rock ‘N’ Roll.



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