Breast Cancer Tattoos

Published on May 28, 2014 by Naomi V

Most of us know at least one person who has had breast cancer. Hopefully, the people we know that had it, survived it. Unfortunately, too many do not. It's no surprise that breast cancer tattoos are on the rise. These tattoos are becoming more popular as more awareness is being brought to the illness everyday. For some, the tattoo is a celebration of life and a triumph in fighting and winning. For others, breast cancer tattoos are a way of showing comittment to someone who is currently fighting, to prove their supporrt. Still, for many others, it becomes a subject for a memorial tattoo for a loved one who has passed away because of the disease. 


There are many different kinds of designs to look at when deciding to get breast cancer tattoos. A more commonly seen concept for a memorial breast cancer tattoo is a design with wings, signifying their passing and moving on to heaven or to symbolize that person being seen as an angel and positive force in this life. Another design with wings is the butterfly breast cancer ribbon, often with pink wings at a three quarter view or head on, and ornate designs on the wings.

Tattoo from Chicago Tattoo Co. 


Other breast cancer tattoos are more simple, and consist of the well known breast cancer ribbon and lettering with the person's name and date of birth and date of death, and perhaps other tender words, or the person's quote. These are simple but very personal tattoos. This kind of memorial is definitely a physical way to help the wearer through the grieving process of losing that loved one. 



The breast cancer bow can be used in many different styles of tattoo design. Here's an example of a tribal breast cancer tattoo.


Tattoo from Jokey1


Old school tattoos mixing elements like stars or roses or pinups are a wonderful idea to support or honor a breast cancer survivor, fighter, or someone who was too good for this world. New school tattoos have no limit on the creativity of the tattoo. It can be very personalized for the person it's honoring. Colors may be bright and vibrant to celebrate their life. Religious themes like crosses may be fitting for the person if they practiced a certain religion or had a certain faith. Realistic tattoos like a portrait of the loved one, are a beautiful way of honoring them as well.


Are you looking for the right design to honor a loved one or even celebrate a victory over breast cancer, perhaps for yourself? Look no further! Post a custom design request to get your breast cancer tattoo design custom illustrated by our artists. Make it as meaningful as you want it to be.


Image credit: Nick Poli and Melissa Fusco



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