Published on March 16, 2017 by Tattoo
Sen Dog, the veteran rapper and member of the popular hip-hop group Cypress Hill, has lent his talent to a new project, produced by Biohazard front man and veteran producer Billy Graziadei. Originally premiered on Metal Underground, the track showcases Bratana's Val Lapin on vocals, singing in unison with Sen Dog as he raps, while Graziadei shreds on the guitar.
"Kill Puppets" started as a riff, then the vocal melody and the lyrics. When the first version of the song was finished, Billy proposed having Sen Dog rapping on it, I loved the idea. The day of recording Sen was fun, I brought some Corona to Billy's studio, so did Sen in addition to a bag of weed. Sen asked me what the song was all about, to which I said it was about the troops and the lying politicians, and after less than an hour of sipping Corona, smoking weed and writing on a scratch piece of paper Sen delivered and recorded his genius lyrics, which fully opened up the subject."
“Sen Dog and Val really mix well on this single” said DSN Music Group's Guy Giuliano. “It's really an odd couple of sorts... but once you hear the song, it'll get stuck in your head for sure!”
Rockin' Addiction, featuring the single “Kill Puppets,” is on sale via online and mobile digital stores such as iTunes,, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, and more.
Sen Dog & Bratana - "Kill Puppets" (Official Lyric Video)



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