Brainstorming Tattoo Ideas

Published on April 22, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

How do you come up with a brand new tattoo idea? Do you flip through pages and pages of tattoo magazines for inspiration?


Do you read fashion or beauty magazines to grasp your basic sense of style? Or do you just know what you want when you want it?


For some people the process is fairly simple. They see a design and they like it.


As tattoo flash is becoming less and less common in tattoo studios, some artists work primarily with only custom designed tattoo pieces.  And that can place many people in a standstill. You may even notice how many tattoo shops have bare walls besides perhaps framed art pictures. So how do you discover new tattoo ideas?


This is how you can get inspired for a new tattoo idea, and help your tattoo artist create the body art that’s a perfect blend of your idea, and their fruition of it.


You’ll have to do a little self-reflection and then a thorough artist search, but chances are good you’ll love the outcome and the extra work will always be worth it.


Find Something Meaningful

Your tattoo doesn’t have to have a ton of sentimental meaning, but it does help if you plan your body art based on something of personal significance.


Since you’ll be wearing your tattoo (hopefully) for a lifetime, a suitable tattoo idea may include birthdates, astrological signs, MOM tattoos, Psalms or crosses, and even Spiritual designs such as a Lotus flower or a Buddha.


Whatever you’re passionate about can be turned into a tattoo design. Consider your hobbies, your favorite books, your occupation and interests, and then even things you just find beautiful, like other works of art. Fine art tattoos such as Salvador Dali or Mucha paintings are very popular if you appreciate art and its history.


Find an Artist to Create Your Tattoo Idea

When you are searching for a tattoo artist, make sure you find one that specializes in custom tattoo designs. This means with a bit of information and a general idea, he can create your design just as you wish. A talented tattoo artist will also always put their own spin on it.  This is what makes it an art. Always insist on a little creativity from the artist, and walk away if they can’t offer up their own tattoo ideas.


Tattoo Idea Placement

Once you’ve settled on a tattoo idea, you’ll want to place it somewhere fitting. If you already have tattoos, this may mean working the new tattoo idea into perhaps a sleeve design or a back piece. In this case your artist should also carry vision as to how all these designs can blend together seamlessly. It’s always in the details. He may suggest adding a few changes to your existing art to create a better flow.


What if You Dislike Your New Tattoo?

If you opted for a custom tattoo idea and are unhappy with the finished work, you have a few choices. You can ask your artist to fix or better the design and establish a budget for rework, or you can go to a different artist and request either a modification or a cover-up tattoo for your poorly executed tattoo idea. This time make sure you give several artists a chance at your business so you can very selectively decide upon the right path.


Should you be in dire straits, you can always opt for laser tattoo removal. Though not the best solution for a completed tattoo idea, it sure beats wearing a design you dislike for a lifetime.


Proper planning and a meaningful design nearly always end in a pleasing tattoo idea result. You can check out our image gallery and get inspired for many different tattoo styles, and then request the talent of an artist to help draw your ideas to life.


Images courtesy Todo and Spidermonkey Tattoos


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