Boston Artist, My Silent Bravery, Releases New Single, “Got It Going On”

Published on July 25, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Back with a force that’ll spice up your summer nights, Boston Singer/Songwriter, My Silent Bravery, breaks stereotypes and branches out from his last single release over his brand new track, “Got It Going On”.  The artwork accompanying “Got It Going On” is comically rich and showcases the simplicity of a pug enjoying his time by the pool, which adds a dose of charm over a clever introduction to the track that immediately lures you in. Whether the track serves as a cunning and witty display of how individuals lose themselves in the spotlight and the workings of the ego or serves as a dose of sincerity highlighting the level of happiness that My Silent Bravery is currently experiencing, the track is hot and the accompanying music video is a burst of color and fun. Ladies splashing around in blow-up pools while those that pass by drool and swoon, the music video for “Got It Going On” connects to the tracks intention and lights up the spirits of listeners with its entertaining and joyful vibe.



My Silent Bravery is an artist who maintains his individuality throughout every release and jumps over hurdles right into every new level of his musical growth. The aura that surrounds My Silent Bravery is abounding with white light and an electric energy that is difficult to dismiss, and whether cranking out tracks that make your heart flutter or simply adding a dose of spunk to your step, My Silent Bravery is a dynamic artist that creates music that is earnest and true to his current roots. Steadily becoming a household name, My Silent Bravery knows that he has got it going on as he continues to evolve and dabble into new dimensions of creativity. Head over to Twitter to dabble into My Silent Bravery’s brain and follow his YouTube channel to stay on top of every release.


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