BOOM! He Stole My Girlfriend...And Other Geeky Tattoo Artist Secrets

Published on February 19, 2014 by Jodie Michalak
Image credit:  Tattoo Magus Budapest

(While YOU Were Sleeping...)


Relationships take work on both sides. Whether with family, friends, romantic or professional, if you’re not willing to invest time in building relationships with potential or existing clients, your business will be affected adversely.


People like the human touch, even if it’s through a computer screen. Offering clients your genuine interest and attention is just one way you can secure their loyalty and trust, which is fundamental when growing and maintaining a client base. This means you need to take the time to get to know your potential and prior clients even better, and then work to meet their current or future tattooing needs with foresight and sincere interest.


One way you can build better relationships and generate leads is by responding to custom design requests found right here. Once a potential buyer submits details and design ideas, they will also include a budget limit. From there you can utilize your intuitive talent and design a stellar tattoo.


Often clients have designs in mind but just don’t know WHERE to go, or which artist  to choose. Naturally cost is usually a concern, so when you respond to client estimate inquiries, you can bid on jobs and reach out to buyers in ways never before possible. Be sure to click this link here to get started and utilize the benefits of promoting your business on the Internet.


Becoming a verified tattoo artist also means you’ll be adding updated photo collections to your portfolio, and your followers will always see your new work as it’s uploaded to your artist profile.


You can also secure mutual acquaintance by staying connected to their likes, dislikes, and general interests. Not every client will have the same wants, desires, expectations or demands for their body art projects. Some people are seeking a talented artist to create a meaningful piece of art, others just want the job done at a price within their budget.


Rather than wait for business to walk through your door, you can bid jobs that interest you that you’ll actually enjoy doing. It’s up to you to build these relationships and then learn how to maintain them.


Positive reviews and rankings along with a featured artist portfolio on our site will help your potential buyer feel connected to you, which is the first step in gaining trust and confidence. For more insight, be sure to read How to Gain Your Client’s Trust, and stay tuned for more exciting updates that will help you connect to potential clients all over the world.


P.S. Computer geeks are sexy! kiss


Image credit: Andyseymour08 and Tattoo Magus Budapest



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