Body Designs Tattoo Shop in Deer Park, NY Interview

Published on March 21, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Offering custom tattoo designs in the heart of Deer Park, New York, Body Designs is a little gem of a tattoo shop.


Tara at  Body Designs tattoo shop has been working as a tattoo artist for eleven years after learning the art from her father, who still works with her in the shop on occasion.


Personable and down to earth, Tara loves custom work and estimates ninety percent of her tattoos are her own designs, though she does have thousands of flash pieces from which to choose, should a patron be more interested in a traditional tattoo design.


In her tattoo shop Tara sees all sorts of body piercing and tattooing requests, many being the current Water coloring tattoo trend which she defines as two separate types.


“There is the splatter non-descript style of water color tattoos, and then the Realistic painting styles.” Both of which Tara recommends a grey outline to provide longevity and substance to the design.


“They don’t stay very well but that varies from person to person. The skin is a very interesting canvas. It’s a living organism, not just a piece of paper. It’s constantly changing.”


In addition to her custom work Tara offers a permanent solution for women who want to wake up, made up: tattooed cosmetics.


“I recommend a slight upturn for eyeliner, nothing with too much of a sweep or a cat eye as this area is prone to sagging over time. You don’t want to have a tip going up while the lid starts dropping with age.”


For best results, permanent cosmetics will need to be touched up after three to seven years. Alas, they are a fix for any gal who wants that roll out of bed “maybe she was born with it” beauty.


  1. For best tattooing results regardless of style, Tara’s tattoo aftercare tips are as follows:
  3. Artist applies A&D Ointment and then bandages the skin.
  4.  Remove bandage after one to three hours.
  5.  Wash with an antibacterial soap (such as Dial)
  6.  Pat dry and reapply A&D Ointment, and wash as directed above, three to four times per day
  7.  After three to four days, switch from A&D to an unscented lotion, such as Lubriderm.


While dream catcher tattoos and flowers currently rule the design trends in Tara’s Body Designs tattoo shop, she is also seeing a large increase in Spiritual pieces  such as Lotus flower and Om symbol tattoos.


Perhaps it’s her easygoing disposition and years of knowledge that puts one at ease…after all, she did just finish tattooing a 62-year old Minister with full sleeves and a back piece complete with a cherry blossom tattoo, mountains, ivy, flowers and Hummingbirds.


“At Body Designs, we take safety and proper sterilization methods seriously. When you are receiving your tattoo or piercing, you can rest assured that every safety measure set by the State of New York is being followed.”


If you're looking for a clean and creative tattoo shop in Deer Park, NY, be sure to visit Body Designs tattoo, and book an appointment to schedule a tattoo consultation or session.




Images courtesy Body Designs


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