Black Widow Spider Tattoo

Published on August 15, 2012 by admin

Many people have a spider tattoo. Creepy and edgy yet strangely beautiful, spiders have intrigued mankind for ages. While most spiders are non poisonous and helpful to humans in many ways, we are most attracted by the ones that are poisonous or even those that bite. Many of the spider tattoos that exist on peoples' skin right now are of the infamous black widow. The female black widow spider is the most poisonous spider in North America. We've all heard the creepy cannibalistic tale of the black widow eating her mate after she has used him for mating purposes. It's the kind of thing that sends shudders up your spine. She has a bright red hourglass marking on her body telling other animals that might eat her that she's poisonous. Without this red hourglass, she would just be a big, black creepy spider. Because of this unique mark, many tattoo enthusiasts find her a beautiful subject, enough so to get a tattoo of her.

This spider tattoo from Kaifa Studio Tattoo is pretty nice! The 3D look enhances its creepy effect. The red marking is a little different than most black widow spider tattoo designs, but it makes this spider tattoo design unique. The white highlights on the legs make her look even more alive, fluid and constantly in motion. The black widow spider is an intriguing creature, perfect for immortalizing on skin. It may not be for everyone, but it's she is an eye catcher, even if she is a husband eater. Are you looking for a spider tattoo or other tattoo based on an insect? Want to find the perfect artist to create this custom design? Browse hundreds of artists and find the right one to create your design and get started!


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I really love the spider tattoo.. it looks unique among all and if perfectly designed it looks awesome..

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It looks really cool and realistic one.I am amazed by this kind of art..

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