Black Pearl Tattoo and Body Piercing in Houston, Texas

Published on June 28, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Thanks to their positive reviews and high standards, Black Pearl Tattoo and Body Piercing in Houston, Texas is currently expanding their shop with another 900 square feet, soon to accommodate a total of six tattoo artists with over twenty three years of combined tattooing experience. I spoke with owner Tim Crumley about his secret formula for success.


With a focus on stellar customer service and a unified goal to make people happy, The Black Pearl tattoo shop is a rare and sought out treasure.


How long has the Black Pearl Tattoo and Body Piercing in Houston, TX been in business?

We’re going strong at almost five years.


Why did you decide you should own a tattoo shop?

I had tattoos, my daughter is a body piercer, my best friend is a tattoo artist and my son-in-law is a tattoo artist. We decided to merge together and see what we could do with it. All in all there are seven of us here and it’s very much a family style business.


What style do your tattoo artists specialize in?

My tattoo artists have anywhere between ten to twenty three years of artist experience. We do absolutely everything, and usually that is full custom tattoo designs.


What makes your tattoo shop different?

There are three things we focus on here. Number one is our customer service. I am a very big customer service oriented person. Next is the quality of work from our tattoo artists. My guys put everything they can into that tattoo. Last is the price. Our prices are very competitive, and for the quality of work that we deliver, the Black Pearl Tattoo Studio is just hard to beat.


What is the greatest reward of owning Black Pearl Tattoo and Body Piercing in Houston, TX?

The feedback we get from each customer, especially when they refer four to five of their friends to us. Seeing happy customers is the greatest reward because I like making people happy.


What changes are you seeing in the tattoo industry?

There are a lot of tattoo shops that just pop up and they’re more about making money than they are being focused on customers. Today people want art. It’s not just traditional tattoos or tattoo flash that you pick off the wall. My artists rise up to the platform and create the custom designs that customers seek, whether that’s black and grey tattoos, American Traditional designs, or realism tattoos.


How do your tattoo artists find inspiration for new designs?

The Black Pearl Tattoo and Body Piercing artists combine their ideas and concepts, often with other designs or different forms. For example, skull tattoos paired with flowers, or realistic animals. My artists are always drawing, playing, or coloring. They’ll come up with these ideas in their head before they even sit down to draw it. They’re also very competitive with one another, which helps push them to grow.


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