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Published on March 12, 2015 by Naomi V

Fabrizio Davari


Fabrizio is a painter and tattoo artist. Since opening his first studio in 1996, he has travelled and worked in many different shops including places like Milan, Costa Rica, Miami, Trinidad, NYC, San Diego, and Toronto, where he currentlyt attoos in an established tattoo studio in the heart of Parkdale. Influences are modern art, flora and fauna illustration, traditional Asian art.


Sinful Inflictions


A huge tattoo studio with three floors and 500 square feet. In addition to the tattoo studio, Sinful Inflictions hosts regular exhibitions in their art gallery. The tattoo artists are experienced and well rounded in designing custom tattoos for their patrons. Appointments as well as walk-ins. 


Beesting Tattoo 

Friendly, inviting, and very clean and sterile tattoo studio. Specializes in detailed black and gray, realistic, and full color tattoos. They  make it their mission to create a unique, one of a kind tattoo experience for their patrons, and take 


ForEvermore Tattoo

Amazing tattoo artists at Forevermore Tattoo. Specializing in custom tattoos and fine art. "ForEvermore Tattoos, Your body is a holy temple...paint it!"



Bamboo Tattoo Studio


Bamboo Tattoo Studio uses the ancient tattooing technique of bamboo tattooing, which has been used for centuries throughout the world. Benefits of this tattoo method is a more comfortable and relaxed experience. The longevity of the ink is also improved. The healing process is incredible, as there is no bleeding or scabbing. Instead of having to travel halfway around the world to experience the art of bamboo tooing, you can come to Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Ontario. Bamboo Tattoo is Canada's 1st established tattoo studio located on The Queensway.



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