Best Tattoo Studios in Ontario

Published on March 10, 2015 by Naomi V

There are many tattoo studios in Ontario, but which are the best? Sometimes a great location doesn't necessarily mean that the tattoo shop itself is full of great artists. It's important to know where to get the tattoo you want, and figure out who you can trust, no matter where you are. We took a look at all the different studios and pared them down to a best of list with 10 of our top picks. The best tattoo studios have many options, and different areas of expertise. Experience and reputation are important when choosing a tattoo studio to go to, as well as cleanliness, sanitation, and customer service. Here are our Top 10 Best Tattoo Studios in Ontario:


Red9ine Tattoo Company


Red9ine Tattoo Company is a custom studio located on the Danforth in Toronto, Canada.  Jesse and Mike are very versatile artists and winners of many awards at various tattoo conventions. They are well known for their large custom pieces. Since they opened their doors in 2007, Red9ine Tattoos has become very well known in Toronto.  They truly focus on custom tattooing and give each customer the time and dedication that they need to get it right. More than tattooists, they are ARTISTS FIRST. Not your typical shop, Red9ine Tattoo Company is a studio of individual artists mastering their craft, making the world more beautiful one person at a time. 


Chronic Ink Tattoo


Chronic Ink is most well known for their neo-traditional Asian style, but a quick look at their extensive portfolio and you can see that they have a specialist for every style. They do amazing tribal, customer lettering, black and gray, color realism, watercolor, and more. Their most well known artists are Tristen, Tony, BKS, Winson, Csaba, and Marilyn. 


Forever Young Ink


Forever Young Ink is located in the Art & Design District on Queen Street West, Toronto. This tattoo studio specializes in many styles including black and gray, color realism, and traditional. They also have a wide array of experienced piercers. In addition to providing amazing tattoo art to the people of Ontario, they also promote the arts and culture by holding various events. "We all eventually age. But no matter how old we get, our ink will serve as a memoir of our good ol’ days, our rebellion, our triumphs, our loved ones and our lost ones. Our ink serves as a time capsule and as a reminder that it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, because we’ll always be forever young."


Seven Crowns Tattoo

Semi-private, fully electric, hidden in plain sight, gallery oriented tattoo studio. One of the best tattoo studios in mid-town and Uptown Toronto. Available for custom designs as well as walk-in appointments. Seven Crowns Tattoo specializes in traditional, Japanese, realistic, portraits, biomechanical, fully color, black and gray, old school and new school. Friendly, clean, and professional studio and staff.


Time Will Tell


For a unique tattoo experience and a comfortable studio environment, Time Will Tell Tattoo is a great place in Ontario. First and foremost, the Time Will Tell tattooers are artists. Each has a true art background. Time Will Tell specializes in custom tattoos. Discuss your ideas during an artist consultation. 




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