Benefits of a Membership

Published on June 5, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

What are the benefits of  a Membership? We've complied a list for your reading pleasure.


Marketing: Not every artist or studio enjoys marketing themselves. It’s challenging to think of the many different ways to get your name out, if not time-consuming.


When you become a Member, we offer different package tiers suited to your professional business needs. From blog posts, social media exposure, and studio/artist stories, our smart marketing means you can spend more time doing what you love, while we make sure you get props for doing it.


Visibility: Our website artist and studio search means potential customers can find you from any distance. If they’re planning on visiting your town they can search by zip code to find trusted and reputable shops and then be directed right to your artist portfolio. This isn’t happening in the Yellow Pages, on Facebook, or Instagram. It’s just not!


Tatsnaps: Make your brilliant phone even smarter and download our Tatsnaps application. You can take pictures of your work and quickly upload them right to your Member Profile portfolio, saving you time. (And time is money.)


Discussion Forum: At we’ve begun conversations and discussions with enthusiasts and other industry professionals. Rather than comment on Social Media platforms, utilize our friendly forum and start or respond to topics that will help you, as a professional tattoo artist, better understand the interests and trends of your trade. There are no trends? Say it isn’t so. From tribal armbands to flash, tattoos have always had a wave of popular designs. You can’t change it- but you CAN make them better. So be part of the solution and research the problem and lend your professional ear to enthusiasts from all over the world.


.Tattoo Domain: Be sure to secure your place within the cyber universe with your own .Tattoo domain address. This means no more .com, .net., .org. Instead it’s TheBestTattooArtist.Tattoo (Quick claim it!) We’ll host the site, help you transfer your Member Profile and all those sweet photos in your portfolio, and before you know it your name, business, and talent will be secured with its own legit domain.


Summer means fun. That’s for sure. But there’s also some work to do. Sign up, upload, download and then let your clients surf the web to find you. Ebb and flow…it’s the cycle of money.



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