Beautiful Bride and Groom Tattoo Ideas

Published on June 23, 2017 by Naomi V


What is more beautiful than two people finding each other in this crazy life and falling in love, and then getting married? How about if two tattoo enthusiasts fall in love and get married? These married couples have taken the idea of matching tattoos and run with it. There are much better ways of expressing one another's love through tattoo than getting names or portraits of their loved one. Bonus, if you have these tattoos before you get married, it's an awesome opportunity to have amazing wedding photos to capture all that love and all that ink!

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Are you and your spouse or fiance thinking about getting tattoos together? Not sure what to get? And don't want to jinx it with each others' names or faces? Check out these 10 Beautiful Bride and Groom Tattoo ideas for some unique inspiration:














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