Beach Theme Tattoo Ideas

Published on April 10, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Are you ready to make some waves?


You don't need to drop a dress size or go sunless tanning. Instead, make your body beach ready with an aquatic tattoo design.

The following ideas are perfect for a  fun day in the sun, and a steamy summer night. Love the skin you're in.


Starfish: Starfishes are way underrated. First off they aren't fish, second they can regenerate a lost arm, and how many people can say that after swimming in the sea?


Starfish also have eyes, which means they can sense light and dark, and perhaps see their predators coming. The starfish has thick skin and a tough spine. If these traits fit you, perhaps you should consider this quick-moving little animal instead of a Koi.


Mermaid: The most mysterious legend of the sea, the mermaid is always an enchanting tattoo choice. Part woman and part fish, the graceful and alluring mermaid can symbolize love, beauty and even seduction.


Mermaids have a bad reputation for luring sailors with their beauty, only to steal their treasures in the end. Many mermaids are topless, and some wear their long hair over their breasts to cover up their feminine whiles. No matter what myths you believe, mermaids are seriously babes of the sea.


Sailboat: Boats have long symbolized travel and adventures. If you're changing your life's direction, you may consider a boat to lead the way. Often representing tough times and a diverse life, ships and sailboats are a befit choice for anyone who has served in the Navy, or whomever appreciates life on the sea. Pair your ship with an anchor tattoo or a compass for the perfect nautical tattoo design.


Shark: A frightening creature of the sea, the shark pretty much trumps everything. Many sailors tattoo shark designs as a symbol of blessings and protection before embarking into the choppy waters. In the Hawaiian culture, sharks are considered ancient Gods. So much so, the locals will toss fish out to Great White sharks that travel close to the shore. I'm not certain that's the best idea, but who am I am to argue mythology? (Crossing Hawaii back off Bucket List. Been there, and I didn't know they did that.)


Are you ready to submit a Custom Design Request and begin planning your beach-theme tattoo? Dive right in. The water is always warm!


Images courtesy Naomi V. and Wade Elder



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