Avoiding Tattoo Regret

Published on April 26, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Do you have a tattoo that you regret?


With tattoo removal and cover-ups on the industry rise, it only makes sense to consider how to prevent these mistakes before you make them permanent choices in your self-expression.

Body art is an art, and should be respected as such.


This means considerable thought in the design and then the proper execution are a fundamental step in the process of tattooing. The following suggestions and advice may help you prevent a bad tattoo that either calls for a cover-up or removal later.


Think about it: Many tattoo regrets are due to lack of permanent consideration. Tattoo magazines and reality shows feature women and men who have large amounts of tattoos, some of which are beautiful, and then some which are poorly executed and are even insignificant to the wearer. Don’t be swayed by the culture and popularity of tattooing. Rather, ink what’s meaningful and significant to you.


Size and Placement: To avoid regret, many people opt for smaller tattoo designs, which can be a mistake in itself. Most tattoos need enough size for intricate and artistic detail and impact. If you are constantly opting for many small sticker book tattoos, perhaps it’s time to opt for just one large one instead.


Artist Selection: Your selected tattoo artist should have a portfolio you are drawn to, with a tattooing style that’s impressive. If you see nothing that turns your head, perhaps their work isn’t the right fit for you and your body. To prevent a tattoo regret or removal, spend the time to select an artist whose work knocks your socks off.


Save Money: It’s all in the details. Before you opt for something permanent, begin saving your money so that nothing stops you once you find the right artist and tattoo design. The more details and intricacy in his work, the more time you’ll be in the chair, and the more money you’ll spend. Save your cash so your budget allows for all the details that you want your tattoo to have.


Avoid names and break-up tattoos:  Besides name tattoos, some people regret the ink they get post-breakup, when your heart isn’t in the right place. Just like a new hairstyle, a new tattoo does serve as a coping mechanism for life changes, but it helps to remind yourself you won’t be feeling this way forever.


You can avoid bad choices when avoiding the tattoo artist chair after heartbreak. When you’re on your feet again, the perfect tattoo inspirations will arise. Waiting is something you’ll never regret. Follow these tips to avoid a tattoo that’s here today…and wishfully gone tomorrow.


Images courtesy Bryan Childs


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