Autumn Kings Release New Track - “Illusion”

Published on April 3, 2017 by Jessica_Golich
Ontario Rock band, Autumn Kings, are traversing emotions with ease over their smooth, balanced and intriguing release, “Illusion”. Adding latin elements that spice up the vibe, the track is quite different from their contemporaries, as the unique blend of Latin and Pop is calm, soothing and inviting. The track is mixed and mastered particularly well for a band on the rise, and showcases the professionalism in which Autumn Kings approaches their career and journey within the music industry. Emerging listeners into a journey of culture and depth, Autumn Kings breaks the spell of the typical and makes “Illusion” an enjoyable listen with rip-roaring guitar akin to Carlos Santana and lyrics that see far beyond the masks of their significant others. 
Ever since Autumn Kings came to life in 2015, the guys have put their blood, sweat, and tears into their passion and have been honored to share the stage with major acts such as Pop Evil, Sublime with Rome, MuteMath, Gob and U.S.S. It is not a simple task to get your talent and name out there with the plethora of bands that are doing everything within their power to showcase what they’ve got, but Autumn Kings are putting that extra foot forward to set themselves aside from the rest, and it sure is working. Deriving inspiration from those that they grew up listening to, don’t be surprised if you see Autumn King's name on the rosters of major music festivals around the world over the coming years. 
Although the guys of Autumn Kings are quite young, they present themselves in a manner that showcases that age is nothing but a number over their latest album release, ‘Silver Screens’, which you can check out right here on Soundcloud. Keep an eye out for dates of Autumn Kings rocking a stage near you. 



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