Atlantic City Rapper, Jomo, Spills His Soul over New EP, ‘What I Want’

Published on May 21, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Kicking off an EP ablaze with lyrical heat over the feel of an old-school Cash Money Records/Juvenile album, Jomo dives deep back into his roots and dishes out a crystal clear message over his latest EP, ‘What I Want’. Beyond the flashing lights and shining bright, Jomo is a dose of nitty-gritty refreshment that has been unfortunately dismissed from the game for years.


Hitting a homerun right off bat with the first track that is featured in the Motion Picture Film, ‘Battle Scars’, Jomo goes hard on “What I Want” and showcases that he has the ability to make your speakers bump while simultaneously spittin’ for the love of the game and making his dreams come true. Jomo’s soulful and pure intention of taking care of his people back home when his time comes packs a punch that keeps his empowered energy at the frontline of every listener's mind.


As an artist on the forefront of Lyles-Belton Entertainment, which is one of the region's most respected Music Entertainment Companies, Jomo has a squad behind him that are putting in the work to ensure that his craft maintains its position on the map. Over a hardcore street style that is brimming with a mixture of real-life scenarios beyond money, cars, and clothes, Jomo knows the roots of Rap and is the man who is bringing the genre back to where it belongs. Jomo makes it known that his ride along the yellow brick road of life isn’t solely about himself; he wants to do right not only for himself but for those that he loves and wants and will share the fruits of his labor with over the years to come. If there is one conclusion that listeners will come to after a full listen of ‘What I Want’, it is that Jomo is on the map to blow and we are ready to participate and watch this downright lyrical beast explode.



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