The Art of Permanent Cosmetics and Tattooed Makeup

Published on March 28, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

This one is for the girls, as I’d like to save you some time.


While most of us roll out of bed, wash our faces, and tackle the feat of bringing our faces to light, some gals just wake up beautiful. (It’s O.K., don’t hate them. They usually have bad hair, brittle nails, and other beauty curses in which we will not spill.)


The girls who are keeping it real sometimes need a helping hand.


We don’t have stylists, makeup artists, or hours to apply liner, lips, and eyebrows. (And let’s face it, some of you went a little Tweezer crazy back in your heyday, and there’s just not much left to define.)


You Tattooed What?


Have you ever considered permanent cosmetics? You can utilize our search functions to find a skilled artist in your area based on location zip code. So put that lash comb down and just consider it…for a moment.


While the suggestion alone can be very intimidating, a careful exploration of the process, along with the following special tips and considerations may help you feel confident about inking your brows for good.


Who Can Tattoo Permanent Makeup?


While any tattooist is capable of working on facial tissue, you should be very selective in the artist since the results will be…you know, permanent.

In addition to tattooists, many professional cosmetologists learn the art of cosmetic tattooing and are quite talented and capable of creative a beautiful result. They have years of experience designing an artful eye, so you may fare very well going this route.


No matter the direction you choose, you’ll want to select someone who is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Specialist.


What to Consider with Permanent Cosmetics


Besides the mere permanence of cosmetic tattoos (which actually need to be touched up every three to seven years,) there is much more to ponder.


Clean sweep:  While cat-eyes can be tricky to apply with traditional eyeliner (hence the appeal of a permanent solution) they’re still a risk to be made. As aging progresses, fine lines and wrinkles and a downturn of muscles in the eye area will look very imbalanced compared to a slight “upsweep” of permanent eyeliner.

 Ask your Permanent Cosmetic Specialist artist to create a very natural upper or lower lash line. You can add to the drama with a liquid liner later.

Color: Don’t limit yourself to just black lines. A more neutral and natural approach is quite possibly a dark brown line, so explore a few different options first.

Lips: Tattooed lip liner may present a solution for women who constantly wear the same color family lipstick (this red is for you!) or who prefer a rosy hue outlined border to add dimension and shape.

Eyebrows: To me, tattooed eyebrows just make sense. So long as you follow along the guide of your arch when removing hair in the future, you can maintain the style and definition without having to wax, tweeze, or burrow your brow in dismay trying to keep them balanced, let alone invest in matching pencils and powders.


From Pretty to Scary


Would you opt for a full face of permanent cosmetics? As in lips, eyes, and brows ?


Be sure to find a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist, and then follow ME. If I go for the gusto and take one for the team, I’ll post a pic.


P.S. Packing up my train case…perhaps for good.


Images Courtesy Fine Natural Permanent Makeup


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