The Art of Healing People

Published on May 21, 2014 by Jodie Michalak


Tattoo artists have a hefty responsibility to humanity.


When a customer walks through your doors they are hopeful that your artistic hands will make an eternal mark they can be proud to bear for a lifetime.


Some of these customers come to you as a means of overcoming triumphs. Others simply want to make a fashionable statement and your craft may give them that confidence they feel they lack.


Perhaps he was picked on or bullied in school and his tattoo marks bravery, freedom and self-expression.


Maybe she fearlessly battled disease, and her body art covers up  surgical scars that no longer define her.


Tattoos are not just designs. The minute you start putting price tags on placement, style, and the people who wear them, you begin to lose passion in your natural talent.


To get inspired for an everyday, boring tattoo, means to understand the significance to the wearer.Sometimes there isn’t any and that’s OK.


Tattoos can just be fun, nonchalant lifelong commitments drawn on the whim, for a free spirit.


But even then they serve a purpose.


A professional tattoo artist who lacks compassion slowly begins to lose their own inspiration and ideas. That’s exactly why it’s so important to stay in touch with your talent and its purpose.


Take for example the artist who offers complimentary nipple tattoos for any man or woman that’s had to undergo surgery to remove parts of their body we can all understand the significance of.


There’s not a dollar amount that can reflect the difference you’ve made in her life.


If it means covering up an old gang tattoo so that he can move forward in life, or inking a memorial tattoo to an unfortunate soul who lost his children or his beloved, your art has the power to help people overcome hurdles. Your art can heal them.


Tattoos are not just pictures or images drawn onto the skin. They are worn by people who want to let go of themselves and their past in some way, and every single tattoo has the power to do that.


If you take the time to actually listen to your customer, relate to their life story and perhaps get to know them for a short while as they are in your chair, your job will become much more meaningful and important to you.


Wherever you invest your passions, you also invest your future.


Do you have a special tattoo story that reminds you of the difference you’ve made in a life?


Sharing your talent with a customer regardless of their personality, background, looks or career is one of the most selfless things you can do.


This should make each and every one of you proud. And perhaps motivated to GET BACK TO WORK!


(Because there’s lots of people in line for your job. Just sayin’)


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