APMA’s Red Carpet Interview: Neck Deep

Published on July 21, 2017 by Jessica_Golich

Photo Credit: Grizzlee Martin

Although Welsh Pop/Punk band, Neck Deep, are relatively new to the scene, they are living their dreams and offering nods to their heroes by pulling pieces of their inspirations to create a legacy of their own. Gaining momentum for the August 18th, 2017 release of their third studio album, ‘The Piece and the Panic’, Neck Deep is doing the genre justice and making waves that are felt worldwide. I caught up with the guys live at The 2017 Journey’s Alternative Press Music Awards fueled by Monster to discuss life in Wales, Warped Tour & more.

Tell us about life in Wales. Tell us about the music scene and how it’s currently transitioning over time.


Ben - Life in Wales is very quiet, very low key. The music scene is good though. I actually read something recently about how people from the countryside that are not hammered with life in the city are able to come up with their own idea of what creativity is and create their own style of creativity. I feel that music that comes out of more rural areas is often a lot more unique.


Yes. You are able to broaden your creativity with all of the space while being surrounded by lush nature.


Ben - Exactly. You are not being hounded by other people and outside influences, so you kind of have to develop your own taste and style without too much influence.


Absolutely. As you guys are headlining, tell us about your time on Warped Tour so far.


Ben - It’s been really good. Shows have been awesome for us so far despite the insane heat that we got trapped in while in Vegas! Aside from that, it has been smooth sailing!


Photo Credit: Elliott Ingham


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