Angel Tattoo

Published on April 30, 2014 by Naomi V

One of the most popular types of tattoos that people choose is the angel tattoo. There are many personal meanings and beliefs associated with angels, both as a religious entity-a messenger of God, as well as a symbold of something good in life, such as a loved one that has made a positive difference in a person's life.


Memorial Tattoos

Many people choose an angel to represent someone they want to memorialize. This is especially seen when a child or baby passes away. Children are our innocent loved ones. It's extremely sad when they pass away, as their young lives are cut so short. Other loved ones also inspire angel tattoos, such as mothers and fathers, grandparents, best friends or others who deeply touched a person's life. Getting an angel tattoo to memorialize our loved ones can be a part of the mourning process and a way to have them with us all the time, even when they can't physically be any more.


Guardian Angels

Those with faith in God believe in guardian angels, specific angels who exist to protect them. This is a very meaningful concept for many, especially when they have been through difficult and dangerous times in their life and feel that their faith and their guardian angels have helped to protect them. To be able to visually represent a guardian angel in a tattoo may give the wearer an extra feeling of spiritual and physical protection against the world.


Battle of Good and Evil

An epic tattoo is based on the basic concept of good versus evil. Often this is represented by angels fighting demons or fallen angels. Full sleeves, full back or chest tattoos are perfect parts of the body for this type of artwork, as it is often large and very detailed. Many times, this becomes personal for the wearer to represent a big struggle in their own lives, where they feel like they battled themselves or other forces.


Fallen Angels

This is a tattoo people get that is not usually related to faith, but maybe they are representing themselves. They maybe feel like they are a fallen angel, and it is self expression. Or perhaps they just like the look and aesthetic of a fallen or dark angel and choose to get this type of angel tattoo.


Angel Wings

Some tattoo collectors opt to not get the whole angel as a symbol, but instead just the wings. Or perhaps they choose to incorporate the wings with another symbol, such as a heart, or a cross, or lettering. The angel wings hold the same personal meanings, something good or innocent, or positive. Or if they are dark angel wings, the fallen or dark angel is represented. Even life size angel wings are a beautiful tattoo for women on their upper back.


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Image credit: Mirek Vel Stotker and Dan Bolick


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