America Tattoo for Independence Day

Published on July 4, 2012 by admin

Patriotic tattoos are a great tattoo idea! America tattoo that includes many symbols of our patriotism to our country. The composition, iconography and colors are beautiful in this tattoo. The song "My Country Tis of Thee" is ringing in my ear when I look at this. The tattoo shows the amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty. This America tattoo further symbolizes our unique spirit by showing the freedom of the road. Our beautiful American icon Lady Liberty is featured very prominently with dignity, strength and beauty. Mount Rushmore stands strong with our stoic leaders of the United States. The American flag with its red, white and blue waving in the sky with the mighty eagle. We celebrate our Independence day with fireworks and stars in our spacious skies. These are all things that make us who we are. Happy 4th of July 2012 everyone!

Get started on an America tattoo” or patriotic design of your own and find the right artist.


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Love the design, love gaterrs, love women with tattoos. The first reply is very accurate, tattoos will only do what you put them thru. If you get bigger and your skin doesnt stretch out properly (stretch marks, cellutlite, etc.) then yeah it'll ruin the whole tattoo for good. I should know I got one running up the inside of my upper arm and then I got bigger and didnt take care of my skin as I did get bigger and now the whole tattoo is ruined by the stretch marks I got. The tattoo can be redone, but only when I get to a smaller size to make it all even and complete again. Getting a tattoo in my opinion means that you are going to take care of it for the rest of your life, meaning staying in shape to keep it looking good, putting sunscreen on it to protect it, not going near salt water for like 6 months after getting one, etc. Be good to the tattoo and the area its on and it'll always be good to you.

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I never really understood patriotic tattoos. Too deep poop for my taste!

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