Afflicted Ink Tattoo Shop in New Jersey

Published on June 20, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Starting from  the ground up in a city with an  ordinance of just two tattoo shops, Tommy opened his Afflicted Ink tattoo shop in New Jersey two years ago, and has been accommodating custom tattoo design requests with four other resident artists ever since. 


“There’s a certain mystery about tattoos. It’s probably because it’s a craft. You don’t need a formal education, yet you have to have natural talent to be good at it. Many people don’t have tattoos. They don’t have connections with artists or studios. I think they look at tattoo shops and wonder what’s going on in there. That’s the mystery of it.”


While the popularity of tattoos is on the rise, so is the risk of tattoo regret. Unlike many tattoo artists and shops who often accommodate the strangest and off the wall body art requests, Tommy and his team of talented artists prove an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


In a recent interview with CBS Local, Tommy's shop took the stage for their support of a tattoo waiting period, "We talk them through it and give them their best option and make sure it's something not crazy regrettable."


Do you have a tattoo that you regret and do you wish your artist warned you of your potential remorse?


Does the world need more tattoo artists like Tommy?


Tommy can't promise you'll love your tattoo forever, but he does share his opinion on the designs that most people regret, later turning to costly laser tattoo removal or tattoo cover-up sessions.

“I don’t really know. Obviously don’t get drunk and then go off and get a tattoo. But for the most part I try to discourage relationship or name tattoos, or a design that’s just really poor. Besides that I can’t relate. Everyone has that one stupid tattoo they had to have just because they wanted it. I don’t regret any of my tattoos. I live with them and sometimes forget they are even there.”
Tattoo regrets aside, Tommy believes the industry is alive and kicking, and he says that's in part because tattoos are awesome.
"I don't believe they'll ever go out of style. They are much more socially acceptable. We’re not associated with the biker shops of days passed where we are running drugs or guns. We’re just artists and everyday kids. It’s just a different job. Moms in their fifties and sixties are getting their first tattoo with their daughter. Tattoo artists just need to keep running clean businesses and we’ll be more accepted in society as we go along.”

Tommy’s Afflicted Ink tattoo shop houses four other resident artists, all of them under the age of twenty five years old. “I think that’s what is different about us. We’re all young artists and we’re willing to go the extra mile.  We try to accommodate customers and fit people into our schedules. We each have our own unique style and do mostly custom work. Unlike some of the other shops in my town my shop doesn’t have any flash on the walls.”


Whether it's a custom designed tattoo or a piece of flash your bring to Tommy and his other artists, one thing is for certain. He's going to artistically analyze your design and help you decide whether or not it's worthy for lifetime wear. 


Tommy's mantra is to exceed your tattoo expectations.


Be sure to visit Afficted Ink to review the shop, obtain contact  information, or check out artist portfolios.



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