Published on August 23, 2014 by Jodie Michalak

Hoping to change the often negative perceptions of tattooing, 9aInk in Toronto, Canada offers a friendly, clean, sterile environment where anyone can feel comfortable getting a tattoo.


Razor, owner and professional tattoo artist at 9aInk opened his doors just two years ago, but is quickly gaining recognition for the balance and talent he contributes to the tattoo industry, with  safety being one of his highest concerns.

What’s the inspiration behind the name of 9aInk in Toronto, Canada?
It actually means big shot in my language.

How would someone describe your personality?
I believe they would call me friendly.

Any crazy tattoo experiences in your tattoo shop?

I try not to have any judgments about my clients or their tattoo ideas or designs. I like to make people happy and work my best to give them what they want. I wouldn't want anyone to go on the Internet and read those stories.

What are the future goals for 9aInk in Toronto?
First of all I want to continually improve my skills. I don’t ever plan on changing my profession. I really love my location, although I would like to eventually have a few more locations.

Do you specialize in custom work or cover up tattoos at 9aInk?
Everything here is custom. I do many cover up tattoos but generally advise against them. I really don’t think cover up tattoos are the best idea.

What made you interested in becoming a professional tattoo artist?
I was an artist ever since I was in high school. I used to do murals at the school and then I eventually advanced to digital art; which was much less fulfilling than hands on creation.

Describe your tattooing style:
My tattoo style is influenced primarily by comic books. I also try to do Realism tattoos as much as possible, so that is mainly my focus.

What’s your best advice for someone getting their first tattoo?
Because a tattoo is permanent, clients should do their research on the artists prior to getting inked so there are no mistakes or bad work.

What is your best advice to someone hoping to become a professional tattoo artist?
Take your time, develop your skills, and don’t lose focus. Tattoo artists often end up living a life much like rockstars. They have all the money and freedom, and get wrapped up in that lifestyle. Stay focused and committed in your craft.


To check out portfolios, leave a review, or book an appointment, be sure to visit 9aInk in Toronto,Canada Member Profile.


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