8 Tattoos Only In-N-Out Fans Will Get

Published on April 4, 2017 by Naomi V

If you've never had an In-n-Out Burger, I truly feel bad for you. Mainly a California thing, it has since expanded to a few other states, but very few, including some in Utah, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Oregon. Once you try the famous Double-Double burger, your life will never be the same. And woe to those who move to states or countries without In-n-Outs. Those people, when traveling to California, usually make their first stop off the plane, the nearest In-n-Out. Don't believe me? Talk to someone who has eaten In-n-Out, or even better, if you ever get the chance, try one yourself! The quality of this famous fast food restaurant chain is top tier and they haven't changed the menu much since they first opened. They do have a secret menu that you can look up, which makes it even cooler when you order from it because it's like a secret club and you know the codes! 

Are you a fan of In-n-Out burger? Would you get a tattoo to show your love for the famous food chain? Well check out these 8 tattoos on In-n-Out fanatics: 


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