5 Tattoo Artists You Should Know

Published on March 17, 2015 by Naomi V
Tattoo by Evan Olin

Becoming a true tattoo artist is a major life decision and takes years to hone the craft. There are plenty of tattooers out there who are perfectly fine for the average tattoo, and make a decent living at doing what they do. But then there are those tattoo artists who are true artists instead of tattooers. They are obsessed with mastering their craft, and are true visionaries of the tattoo community. Their work is head and shoulders above the average tattoo you'd see on the street. Here are 5 Tattoo Artists to keep your eye on,

1. Evan Olin is a tattoo artist at Powerline Tattoo in Cranston, Rhode Island. Why you should know him: His tattoos are truly masterpieces on skin.  His realistic tattoos still have a magical, fantasy quality to them because of his use of color and light.


It's very clear he has been classically trained in illustration.  His tattoos are truly up there with the best of all time. His favorite subjects are anything "dark or horror related, wildlife/animals, portraits" and also anything realistic or masterfully illustrative. He has his Bachelors Degree in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design.



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