20 Tattoos to Celebrate Texas

Published on August 29, 2017 by Tattoo

Is there a state bigger than Texas, not just in literal size, but in Spirit? Those who are from Texas would say there isn't, and they have good reason for their convictions! Texas is a state of pride, and that pride can be seen not just in the people themselves, but also in their ink!

Check out these 20 Big Texas Tattoos:


A quite large and colorful Fort Worth, Texas tattoo takes up the shoulder and upper bicep of this tattoo and Texas lover. Included in this design is Western ornamentation, foliage, a horseshoe and of course, a lone star. 


The state shape of Texas done in a sketchy, painterly style is a great effect. Mix that with a native flower, desert scene, and a bull skull, and you've got a great Texas tattoo.


Another Texas shaped tattoo, this one features an open ranch landscape within it. The word "HOME" with a lone star is above the shape.


A bull head shape encompasses the Texas flag for a subtle but quite effective Texas tattoo. 


This is the same concept as the previous tattoo but with more of the bull head detail. Great effect! 


Using geometrical perspective within the shape of Texas makes a great tattoo to represent this tattoo wearer's love for this great state.


Big and bold, the name of the state of Texas takes up this wearer's full forearm. 


This longhorn fan truly loves his state enough to get a large tattoo that takes up a good amount of the upper back into the shoulders. 


The outline of the state of Texas simply with the words, "Texas MADE" might be the best concept for someone born and raised in Texas yet.


The state of Texas created from barb wire is a rough and tough concept that captures the toughness of the people of this state.


Done in a traditional tattoo style is the jackalope with the state flag making up its colors. 


A classic skull with Texas shaped eyes and the state flower has a scroll of text saying "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS."


The hundred dollar bill portrait of Ben Franklin with a bandana over his mouth is seen within the shape of Texas in this hand tattoo. 


This tattoo wearer is proud to represent his city of Austin, Texas with a lovely script tattoo.


Here we have a vertical representation of the Texas flag among the branches of its native tree with the scroll below saying simply, the name, "TEXAS." This design is done in a classic, old school style that will stand the test of time.


Done in a country folk art style is this pretty design using the shape of Texas along with a serene homestead scene. Complete with flora and fauna, and a smiling, shining sun, this Texas tattoo just emanates calm happiness.


Made up of beautiful colorful flowers is the shape of the great state of Texas on the side ribs of this lovely Texas native.


Simple black outline of the state of Texas with the word, "Home."


The Texas flag in a realistic style makes up the shape of the state in this cool tattoo.


This tattoo truly breaks into the wearer to show what he's made of...TEXAS!


Written by Naomi Valdivia


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