14 Spectacular Outer Space Inspired Tattoos

Published on July 23, 2015 by Madison Haley
Outer space tattoo

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have been looking at the sky wondering what there is beyond the earths’ existence. Countless myths and stories about the stars have been told to make up for the unknown. Is there life beyond the stars of which we can see? What kind of treasures and wonders are out there beyond our own galaxy? We may never know, but every day we continue to learn something new about the mysteries of the universe and the secrets it holds. It is the discoveries of the universe and the curiosity about the unknown that keeps people around the world in a constant state of awe and intrigue.


Thanks to modern science and technology, we have been able to view the universe in ways we’ve never thought imaginable. In the past couple years, scientists have discovered that the center of the galaxy is made up of the chemical that gives raspberries their taste, found over 1,000 planets that are capable of sustaining life, and recently stumbled across a black hole that has the mass equivalent to 17 billion suns! Don’t worry, it’s about 250 million light years away from us. Discoveries like these make it seem as if almost anything is possible.



Beyond the strange and slightly terrifying side of the universe, it is also filled with undeniably elegant and mind boggling creations, colorful beauty, and captivating designs. When a love for something so grand is introduced to someone of true talent, the outcome looks something like these amazing space inspired tattoos!  



In the cover image above, Nika Samarina executes space tattoos so well, and any tattoo for that matter. I absolutely love the color scheme and the exploding asteroid on the bottom of the sleeve. 

Awesome space cat created by Carlos Ransom

Excellent use of colors and placement on this stunning nebula hand piece, artist unkown. 


Rather than making it a realistic and colorful piece, this person made most of the tattoo black and cartoonish. This is a stunning and unique piece for sure, artist unknown. 

Great combination of a space setting for the sky and Earth landscape in one awesome half sleeve, artist unknown.

Amazing use of colors on this half sleeve, artist unknown.

Awesome tattoo portraying the reflection of an astronaut's helmet, created by Liz Cook.

This is such an amazing piece, using a 3D geometry illusion and space in one dope chest piece! Created by Jesse Rix

This is a cool piece using the very own children's classic, Calvin and Hobbes, gazing off into the wonders of space. Artist unknown. 

Yet another incredible space sleeve made by Nika Samarina.

Awesome combination of space and DNA in one piece, created by Chris Adamek.

I love this piece because it reminds me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Hopefully someone out there will understand. Artist unknown.

A very simple yet lovely scientific illustration piece displaying the orbit of the planets around the sun. Artist unknown.

And lastly, we have this stunning sleeve and hand piece created by Olggah!




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