10 Unique Butterfly Tattoos

Published on December 2, 2015 by Naomi V

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most common tattoos that people get when they decide to get ink. There are many that are typical, but a butterfly tattoo be unique and special. If you are thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo for your next ink session, but don't want to get something remotely close to what another butterfly tattoo wearer has, check out these 10 Unique Butterfly Tattoos for inspiration and ideas:

Inspired by the intricacy of lace and mehndi style temporary tattoos, this ornate black butterfly is delicate and strong. It is a great balance for any design, especially something as symmetrical as a butterfly!

This purple ribbon tattoo is unique and raises awareness for multiple ailments like Fibromyalgia and Leukemia. 

This colorful, old school/traditional skull with butterfly tattoo in its traditional colors stands out in quality.

Here are some purple lotuses with a purple butterfly to match. Lovely, feminine, and VERY purple!

Here is a large, realistic butterfly tattoo (or is it a moth?). The colors and detail are awe inspiring.

Tiger in a butterfly? That sounds like the description that the tattoo wearer was probably going for to express how she feels as a strong woman.

This painterly tattoo design of a butterfly is perfect in all of its energetic strokes.

Here is a ship scene but instead of sails, are eleven beautifully unique butterflies! What a great concept!

Here is a realistic monarch butterfly, plain and simple, and perfect.

While this may not be the most beautiful or awe inspiring butterfly tattoo on this list, you have to give it points for creativity!


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