10 Tattoos for Sitcom Fans

Published on March 24, 2017 by Naomi V

The sitcom is one of the most American things that exist. It's something that people of all backgrounds, ages, economic status, you name it, can sit down, have a laugh, feel emotions, and relate to one another on a different level. There have been many sitcoms since they started, all with different plots and stories and all to entertain and reach into peoples' lives and hearts through a television screen. If I were to ask most of you reading this post to think about some of your most warm family memories, I'd bet that many of you would automatically think about sitting around with your family, probably on a Friday night, laughing watching a sitcom together and eating snacks. What is your favorite sitcom and why? Would you ever get a tattoo from your favorite sitcom? That is exactly what the people on this list did. They are superfans and have that warm, cherished time of watching sitcoms permanently tattooed on their body to remind them of that feeling.

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo of your favorite sitcom? Check out the following 15 best sitcom tattoos for ideas and inspiration:


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