10 Super Hot Inked Models

Published on April 14, 2015 by Naomi V
Inked hottie

We all know that tattooed girls are the hottest girls in the world. While the fashion industry may not always agree, there are still very well known inked models out there representing the rest of the the tattooed population. Inked girls are beautiful, rebellious, and edgy. Every one of them has a story to tell, and they're not afraid to wear it on their sleeve, or legs, or neck, or other places that aren't always uncovered. Being an alternative model is not always easy because of society's status quo and in some cases, still some taboo about body modification, even as widely accepted as tattoo is becoming with each year. We applaud these women who are brave enough to pave their own path, and make it work for them. We are in awe of their beauty and disregard for the status quo. Do you have a favorite tattooed model that isn't on this list? Please comment and share with us and we'll make sure to take that into account for the next list!

And now, enjoy these absolutely stunning photos of 10 Super Hot Inked Models:




Brittanay O'Campo


Levy Tran


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