10 Stunning Stained Glass Tattoos

Published on June 19, 2017 by Naomi V

Stained Glass is an art form that is labor intensive, requiring intricate design. Even small stained glass windows in homes and shops are impressive. But massive, highly detailed stained glass windows, especially in those of old cathedrals, are a truly awesome sight to behold. It's hard to imagine all of the effort that went into each window! What a perfect type of artwork to translate into ink, don't you think? Yes, it means committing to lots of sitting time, but what a gorgeous tattoo you'll have when it's done! Are you thinking about getting a large, epic tattoo? Why not consider getting a stained glass design? Check out these 10 Stunning Stained Glass Tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

A large stained glass design that goes along the entire wearer's chest is brought together by a bright burning heart at the wearer's center, at the heart.


A lovely reference is an actual stained glass window of this lovely portrait. Translated into a tattoo, this is quite well done.


One of the most famous stained glass windows, at least in animation history! Beauty and the Beast, after the Beast is turned once again into a handsome prince, through love. What a perfect idea for a thigh tattoo!



Tattoo Artist: Donny Manco



There are many stained glass windows that have Biblical dialogues and stories designed into them since many of these were the only way for illiterate people throughout history to come to know them. Here we see Daniel in the lion's den.


Here we see Jesus and Mary, done in a very small space of the body, the hand! What a nice job!


These three friends all decided to get large, full back stained glass tattoos. EPIC!


Many stained glass designs are done in a flat style, same as it is designed into the glass itself. However, we think this realistic black and gray stained glass tattoo is just as amazing, created from the point of view of the beholder, and at an angle for even more drama.


Here we see another classic full back treatment.


Here is a simpler stained glass, one that would be seen in someone's home or older shop. Simple yet stunning!


Here is another realistic version from the point of view of a bystander looking up at an old building with stained glass window, done in black and gray.


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