10 No Regrets Tattoo Fails

Published on December 12, 2015 by Naomi V

Ah, the No Regrets Tattoo Fail. Why are there so many of these in particular? Can nobody spell the word, "Regret?" This is such a common tattoo fail that it was even featured as part of a candy bar commercial where the tattoo artist spells it as "NO REGERTS" leaving the customer irritated and dismayed. Seriously, though, it is not a complicated word. It is phonetic, and reads exactly as it is spelled. Whatever the magnetic failings of this particular phrase seems to be, it sure is an amusing phenomenon, providing of course that you are not one of its victims. For your enjoyment and entertainment, read on and take a look at these 10 No Regrets Tattoo Fails:

This is the classic, and possibly the original "NO REGERT" fail. One just like it was featured in the commercial for a well known candy bar.

This may be spelled correctly, but taking a look at its "scratcher" quality, it is truly a No Regrets tattoo fail.

Again, "NO REGERTS." Perhaps regerts is an actual things and we all are just ignorant to the actual meaning? Trying to see if there's a silver lining to this phenomenon, people.

This time, there is no second "r" so we have "No Regets."

And here we replaced the first "e" with an "a" so that it reads "NO RAGRETS." Nice try.

We can easily "Live without regets," considering we don't know what "regets" are.

Okay, okay, this one is kind of funny. It's obvious that this is an intentional misspelling of the famously and commonly misspelled word. Still, why would one get this tattooed on them? Must be a losing bet.

Are you tired of reading "No Regerts" yet?

This time they got "REGRET" right, but forgot the "T" in nothing, so that it reads "REGRET NOHING."

Misspelled and looks awful. NO REGRETS FAIL!


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