10 Most Epic Zelda Tattoos

Published on May 17, 2017 by Naomi V

If you grew up playing any of the Zelda Games, it has most certainly entered into your subconscious. Certain times in your life, if you're walking around different environments, you will feel like it is part of the game. If you hear music from any of the games, I'm guessing that your ears immediately perk up, and that nostalgic feeling in your soul, you know the kind that gives you warm fuzzies and feels like magic? That feeling takes over your being and you feel like a kid again. Beautiful environments and imaginative characters, not to mention epic storytelling, and the universally relatable journey and fight against evil, make this game a fan favorite among generations. 

Do you love Zelda and are thinking about getting a tattoo to celebrate the game? Check out the following 10 most epic Zelda tattoos for ideas and inspiration:


An amazing take on the Skull Kid from Majoras Mask.



Ah Link's ever epic search for Princess Zelda. Love.



A subtle tattoo that only fans will know the significance of is inked on this tattoo enthusiast's left shoulder.



Here we see Link represented in his classic 8-bit form as well as in his anime style form.



A mash up of Zelda and Super Mario games makes up thse two small but thoughtful and nostalgic tattoos on this gamer's foot and leg.



Front and center on this tattoo enthusiast's chest is the symbol that we all know and love.



Speaking of the symbol, look at how big and epic this 3D version is, taking up the wearer's entire back!



Shaded black and gray version is quite epic.



Who would get this as a couple's tattoo with their true love?



This guy has eyes on the back of his head, and in the best, and most colorful way.


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