10 Meaningful Song Lyric Tattoos

Published on August 31, 2017 by Naomi V

Songs can be so meaningful. They can change lives. They can save lives. Everyone has that one song that changed their way of thinking, whether for a pivotal moment, which may have changed the course of their lives. Whatever that song is for any given person, it just shows the power of music and of songs. More often than not, the lyrics of specific songs can make us feel something so deep inside that it cannot be fully expressed with words. Emotions, feelings, love all forge into core memories tied to these songs. Music is a type of magic that exists in everyday life. Where would we be without these songs? 

Some people feel these songs so deeply, especially particular lyrics of certain songs, that they feel a need to express is outside of just listening and feeling the song. They want to permanently show the world the impact that those words have had on them and their life. It's not hard to understand why song lyric tattoos are increasingly popular. What is your favorite, most meaningful song? What lyrics truly speak to your soul?

If you are thinking about getting a song lyric tattoo, take a few moments to check out these 10 meaningful song lyric tattoos for ideas and inspiration:

Lovely lyrics from Elliot Smith materialized here in this thought provoking tattoo.


If you try sometimes, you just might find...you get what you need! The Rolling Stones are a classic band with classic lyrics that speak to everyone.


This Radiohead fan took the album cover art and created a huge lyric tattoo out of it. Quite amazing.



If this song doesn't make you feel, nothing will!




Tori Amos has some of the most visceral and complex lyrics out there. To put it into tattoo art is exquisite.


Lady Gaga truly touched many people's hearts and souls with her song "Born this way."


Who hasn't been touched by The Beatles' famous song "All You Need is Love"?


This song just envokes joy, and a reminder that no matter what, life is still beautiful.


This is undoubtedly one of the most poignant lyrics from the band, Florence and the Machine.


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