10 Incredible Body Modifications

Published on March 13, 2015 by Naomi V
increditble body mods - lizard man

Body modification has a different meaning for anyone who hears the term. For some, it can mean tattoos or piercings. For others it may mean plastic surgery or botox injections. Some cultures make body modification commonplace and may even require its population to participate in order to remain a member of society. Other people, especially body mod enthusiasts, may have a more extreme idea of what body modification is; so extreme that their ideas of what it is may upset or scare the average person. 

Tattooing and piercing have become fairly mainstream in current society. It's no longer the taboo that it was just a century ago. Men and women of all ages have chosen to express themselves this way, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and the like. The more extreme types of body modification that still remain somewhat taboo in most places include scarification and branding, implants, and even surgical modifications such as tongue splitting. 

Because body modification involves changing the natural body, there is always a level of risk involved. With tattoos and piercings, it's important to find a professional with a great reputation. Choosing a tattooist or piercer who is inexperienced or does not practice safe and sterile protocols could cause the customer to become infected or worse. The same risks are even more elevated for more extreme forms of body mods, including plastic surgery and enhancements. 

There will always be societal boundaries when it comes to body mods, however, those lines are being blurred more everyday. What do you consider body modification and what do you think goes too far? Everyone has a different opinion on the subject, even if they've never seen it first hand.

The following 10 examples of incredible body modification shatter expectations altogether. Check them out:

Vampire Woman Maria Jose Cristerna


Jinxie Boo


Extreme tattoo


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